How to breed ginseng potted plants

Cultivation method and precautions


To cultivate ginseng, first of all, we need to prepare some humus soil. It is recommended that it is best to prepare forest humus soil, pour most of the humus soil into the flower pot, and provide a suitable growth environment for ginseng.


Put ginseng on the soil and place the spores on the soil about three centimeters together, and the humidity is slightly humid. Before ginseng, you need to put it in a cool place indoors to avoid contact with the sun. If it is planted with seeds, just sprinkle it on the soil and cover about 1.5 cm of humus soil. The first watering needs to be poured through.


After the planting is completed, ginseng needs to be placed in a cool but can be refracted to the sun, growing at natural temperature. Pay attention to ginseng love for cold places. When watering for the first time, watering along the edge of the flowerpot should be watered, and spores should be avoided when watering. It is best not to use tap water, because most of them say that tap water contains bleaching powder, and the amount of watering should be appropriate to avoid rotten roots and dryness.


Ginseng cannot accept direct sunlight and can back up it. Remember too much watering, touch it with your hands, spores are exposed outside the soil.

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