How to breed torch flowers

Torch flower seed breeding

1. Suitable temperatures of seed germination are 18 ~ 24 ° C, 3-4 weekend can be seedling. Sowing reproduction can be carried out in other three seasons of the winter, usually seeding in the spring of Spring – April and autumn in the autumn of 9-7 months, can also be broadcast. In January of the next year, the greenhouse seedlings were carried out in April, and they were depressed in autumn.

2. Spring and autumn can be divided into roots, and plant them independently. Cultivation should be applied to organic fertilizer. Under the sowing of natural temperatures, it can flow in the following year. The whole pot is deeply turned over, paved the pot soil, then the strip is broadcasted, and the water is poured, and the plastic film is covered with a plastic film to move to the balcony, keep the humidity in the basin, 2 weeks can be buds.

3. Sowing reproduction can also be planted with vermiculum, and then plastic film will place the matrix after watering in the back of the wind. The first year of the seedlings are still small, and the second year will be increased, and the flower is produced, and the flowers are 3-5 or more.

Torch flower strain breeding

Torch flower potted three years, a plexus can produce more than a dozen buds, and there are too many congestion, and the ventilation is low.

The breeding of breeding is mostly carried out in the fall. After the flowering period, the entire mother strain will be tied to the 2-3 buds into a cut, and it can be planted after planting. The breeding method is simple, easy to survive, does not affect blossom but the amount of breeding is small.

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