How to buy succulent plants for novices

Choose the succulent variety to choose a variety

When many people breeding succulents, in order to satisfy all their wishes, they have become variety control. In fact, there are too many succulent varieties, native, hybrids, varieties, sub -species, etc. There are countless, and it is impossible to all. In fact, it is better to choose your favorite varieties when buying succulents, so that you are more familiar and easy to raise.

Don’t just choose the succulent is just cheap

When buying succulents, many people may not like cheap succane in themselves, but because the price is cheap, they will buy it. In fact, this is also bad. Because after buying the succulent, you need to spend money to buy, flower pots, soil, fertilizer, etc. If the last thing is not like your favorite, then the money you spent before is in vain.

Do not choose the unknown variety to choose succulent

Many succulents are hybrids. Everyone may look at it very much, but in fact, I do n’t know the names and habits of succulent at all. How can I raise it well?

Choose the succulent to choose the plant healthy

When choosing succulents, the most important point is the health of the plant. It is mainly developed, and it looks more strong. The succulents in the state are often poor growth, and the root system may have problems. Although it looks good, it is not suitable for buying.

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