How to chase flowers for fertilization

Conditions for topdressing

The first is to consider the temperature. The suitable temperature for topdressing is between 15-30 degrees. Excessive temperature or too low will increase the risk of topdressing, and it is easy to cause fertilizer.

The second is that the growth of the plant depends on the growth form of the plant. Plants should be applied to nitrogen fertilizer during the growth period, and the flower buds, results, and flowers of plants are mainly phosphorus and potassium fertilizer; plants that are just transplanted should not be picked up prematurely, otherwise it will affect the recovery of slow seedlings.

The third is to consider the time. Following it should not be carried out at noon in the summer and autumn. It is better to do no sunlight or in the evening when the leaf surface fertilizer is applied to the afternoon, otherwise it will easily burn the leaf surface.

Method of topdressing

The first is the common method for topdressing. Digging the surface soil on the edge of the potted pots when topdressing the potted plants, put it in the fertilizer and cover the soil.

The second is that after mixing with water -soluble fertilizers and water, the leaf surface fertilizer or fertilizer can be applied directly.

Principles of topdressing

The principle of topdressing is “thin fat and diligence”. When you do not master the applied amount, you should try to reduce the concentration as much as possible. Frequent fertilization, it is best to spend a week or more.

Exquisite special case

The first is that plants in the flowering period do not need to be topdressed, but grass flowers such as dwarf, geranium, stone bamboo, and sun flowers can also be picked up during the flowering period.

The second is that the requirements of the ground planting on the temperature are not so strict, and the need for topdressing can be determined according to the growth of plant growth.

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