How to choose pots in daffodils

The selection of narcissus flowers

Daffodil flowers are generally not soil when they are raised. Its entire bulbs look like garlic, but they are white and crystal, green leaves, white flowers, and beautiful. So to choose a flower pot, it is very important.

When choosing Hu Ao, you usually choose a beautiful flower pot, size and suitable

A book of flower pots is more rounded, oval flower pots, and shallow pots or shallow plates. Colors are generally elegant and generous white, light blue or pale yellow and other colors. The size of the flower pot should be determined according to the size of the bulbs, which is generally 1-1, 5 times larger than the bulbs.

The shape of the aquatic water fairy flowers

Pay attention to the shape when raising water fairy flowers. Generally, many small stones should be used to fix the root root system, and these small stones are used as a decoration. It can also achieve the role of setting off the scene, which is very interesting.

When choosing a small stone, you usually choose a light -colored cobblestone, shell, etc. If you have the conditions, you can put the rainy stones with beautiful patterns, but note that it should not be too sharp on the stone.

Place the placement

Pay attention to the right position when nourishing the water fairy flowers. Narcissus flowers are generally more suitable for placing on the table, and it is best to combine with the four treasures of calligraphy and painting, the four treasures of the studio, or put it between small things, and it seems even more interesting.

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