How to choose the right flowerpot

According to plant shape

Hanging flowers and trees such as wisteria, hanging orchids, and evergreen vines are usually used in high tube pots. Such flower pots are smaller and the pots are deeper. They have some fun with the drooping branches.

The clusters of flowers and trees such as azalea, Milan, Begonia, Pomegranate, Graphy Chrysanthemum, etc. The area of ​​its branches and leaves is relatively large, suitable for large -mouth flower pots.

According to the plant size

After an hour of flower pots, the plants appear to be light and light, and the root system is difficult to stretch and grow; when the pot is too large, the potting of the pot soil is too much, but the leaves of the plants are small, the water evaporates less, the soil is not easy to dry, affecting the plants that affect the plants Breathing the root system will severely cause the plant to rot the roots.

According to the height of the plant

When the plants are high, a larger flower pot is used, and smaller flower pots are used when they are shorter. The overall visual effect will be better.

According to plant growth habits

Hi wet flowers such as turtle back bamboo, umbrella grass, hanging orchids, ferns, green dill, loose tail sunflower and other plastic flower pots can be planted. Orchids, plum blossoms, stumps and bonsai have high requirements for breathability and drainage. Pot planting.

According to flower color

Generally speaking, the flowers with lighter colors and dark pots, dark flowers with light color flower pots, are lined with shades.

Based on space

Flower pots should be coordinated with space. Potted plants should be coordinated with the texture and color of furniture and objects to enhance the beauty and comfort inside the room.

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