How to collect seeds after purple

How to make Ziobi seeds

After ripe, the purple leaf is mature, some leaves will gradually become old, don’t worry, I will live in a small flower.

After the flowers come out, there will be purple flowers, don’t give flowers, after a while, the purple will grow a small seed.

When I arrived in the late autumn, the whole branches, flowers and leaves were withered, and they can determine that the seeds inside are mature.

How to deal with purple

After the purple seed is ripe, if you don’t work, you will fall into the flower pot. In the second year, you will live a lot of small purple Soil, or you can collect it for the second year.

How to collect purple seeds

Because the seeds of Ziwu are very small, it is generally not recommended to remove the layers of the outer bag, and can directly from the branches and get the seeds together.

Then collect it, put in a plastic bag or a kraft paper bag, place in dry, ventilated place, etc. The second year is sowing.

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