How to cultivate Ivy

Soil to choose

The stems of Ivy are soft and it is very convenient to shape. However, the premise of shaping should choose the soil, promote growth, usually on the basin of the basin in 1 ~ 2 years, replace half of the soil when the basin is turned on, and ordinary cultivating soil can, keep the soil moist.

Temperature should be appropriate

Ivy likes the warm and humid environment, the most suitable temperature is 20 ° C, one 25 ° C, can’t stand the hot environment, cold-resistant, so in maintenance, the plants should be placed indoors, pay attention to ventilation, winter control temperature Upper 10 ° C, not less than 5 ° C.

Light image

Ivy has a bright and humorous, placed under semising conditions, shorter, the leaves are consistent, the leaves are distinct, so it is suitable for the brightness of the indoor light. In the spring and autumn two seasons, you can choose to put it outdoors in the outdoor. It will be very strong in the morning and evening. However, pay attention to prevent direct light from being exposed, otherwise it is easy to cause sunburns.

Watering should be moderate

The growth season is watering to see dry and wet, can not make the potting soil over wet, otherwise it is easy to cause rotten roots. Water room in winter, especially control water, keep the pot soil is slightly wet. The winter climate is dry in the north, it is best to spray 1 time a week with a clean water near room temperature to maintain air humidity, and the plants are angry, and the leaf is green and shiny.

Fertilization is reasonable

Family cultivation of Changchunvo, a growth season 2 to 3 weeks, a thin pie fertilizer. Generally do not fertilize in summer and winter. Do not reflex the nitrogen fertilizer when fertilization, otherwise, the pattern on the leaves of the leaves, the plaque, etc., the plaque, etc. will be green. The proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is preferably 1; 1; L is suitable.

Potted plants

In order to make it climbed up, add unlimited sexual interest, or a hanging hanging pot cultivation, the soft branches are naturally sailed, and they are extremely enjoys, integrate into the Yi Shen Yong in the four seasons. Therefore, it is a modern living room, an auditory, and the singer, etc. It is generally changed once every two years.


The new plants are picked up after sprouting in spring and promotes their branches. The seed plants should be strengthened, cut off the dead branches, fine branches, and pests.

Family is often sprayed to the ivy leaves, so as not to cause the air drying to cause the tip of the leaf.

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