How to distinguish between eight thousand generations and

First, see the pole

The easiest way is the easiest way, what is the big head, it is better to see the pole!

Eight thousand generations are obvious wooden poles, textures on the poles are very clear, the color is old and yellow;

The ethin is the meat rod, the stem and the pole are green;

Second, see the strain

The difference between the two is also very obvious!

Eight thousand generations of small strains are also wooden poles, the leaves are small, and the color is yellow. The daughter’s heart is small, and the color is too bright, the top of the blade is slightly purple!

Third, look at the leaves

The arc of the two is also different, as shown in the figure.

Eight thousand generations of leaves are yellow, becoming yellow or slightly orange in the sun, the leaf is a bit like a cucumber; the grain of the ethin is like a banana, the color is blue, and it will be red.

Fourth, look lateral buds

Eight thousand generations rarely have a random bud, and the lateral buds are basically green;

There are many lateral buds in the world, and there are many small buds, the lateral buds that have grown are white.

V. Whether a group

Eight thousand generations are very independent, the stem is straight, one pot, no group; the ethlimatus likes the group to see the picture.

Sixth, contrast

Look at the picture, I will understand that Eight thousand generations are full of green and green. The ethlia is pink, the red dot on the blade is too obvious!

These six identification methods are too simple! Never be afraid to be pitted by the business, raise a pot of eight thousand generations, starting from buying the correct variety!

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