How to distinguish Hehuan flowers and hibiscus flowers?

Morphological characteristics

Hehuan flowers are a kind of deciduous tree. The plant can reach a maximum of 16 meters high. The branches have obvious edges and corners. When blooming, the flowers become conical, and it is composed of fluffy tidbits. It looks very soft and beautiful.

Hibiscus flowers belong to a small tree, which can only grow to a height of 5 meters. Its flowers are composed of normal petals, which is obviously different from Hehuan flowers.


Hehuanhua mainly grows in the southern region. It prefers a warm climate. Its adaptability is very strong, and the requirements for soil quality are not very high, but Hehuan Hua cannot bear the severe cold and can not stand the invasion of waterlogging. The most suitable temperature for temperature At about 18 degrees, as long as there is sufficient light, Hehuan flowers can thrive. Hehuan flowers can resist the dry soil state. When planting, it must ensure the drainability of the soil. It can improve the soil environment in sandy soil, thinking that its roots are carried with root tumor. Hehuan flowers are relatively shallow and do not need to be trimmed frequently.

Hibiscus flowers are also a plant that likes a warm environment. It is good under the condition of humid climate, but it is not cold -resistant. If it is planted in the north, it should pay attention to the warmth of the plant in winter, otherwise it is easy to die. In the autumn, the hibiscus flowers will bloom colorful flowers to ensure the fertile soil and avoid stagnant water. This can make it grow better and faster. Through these comparisons, we can know that Hehuan flowers and hibiscus flowers are not one category.

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