How to distinguish Japanese morning cherry blossoms and late cherry blossoms

Different tree shape

The height of the early cherry trees in Japan can reach 17 meters, and the bark is gray and horizontal.Japanese late cherry bark is silver -gray with lip -shaped leather holes, which can reach 8 meters high.

Different branches

When the early cherry blossoms are not long leaves, the bark is horizontal and the old bark cracks.The color of the branches is brown, and the skin on the tree pole is relatively rare.The bark of the late cherry blossoms is silver gray, the new buds are large, showing dark brown, and the skin holes are small and many.

Different leaves

From the size of the leaves, the leaves of Sakura Sakura are smaller than the leaves of late Sakura.In terms of shape, the leaves of the Japanese early cherry blossoms are obovate to ovate -oriented, while the shape of the late cherry blossoms is mainly oval -shaped ovate, with oblong -ovate.

Different flowers

There are 5 petals of the early cherry blossoms, a single petal, and the petals are ovate and are mainly white. They look scarcely flowers.When it is not open, it is light pink, and the color of the flowers is reddish and more bright.

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