How to distinguish lobe rosewood and large leaf rosewood

Big leaf rosewood

That is, the African rosewood, in fact, the large -leaf rosewood is a mistake in the redwood furniture market, which is called to deliberately increase its value. The new cut surface of the heartwood of the big leaf rosewood is orange -red, and the color will turn into dark brown or dark purple. Large, the brown line is long and not bent. The cow and hair patterns formed by the pipe holes are characterized by long, straight, thick and more characteristics, which look rough than rosewood.


The Indian rosewood is a rosewood. Labor rosewood has the aroma of sandalwood. The new leaflet rosewood is red and black stripes. On the cut surface, it can be found that there are fine beef hair patterns, and there are striped stripes on the cutting surface. The width of the stripes is about 3-5 mm, mostly yellow.

The distinction between small leaf rosewood and large leaf rosewood

When the outer bark of the lobular rosewood is removed, there is still a layer of biomass in the middle of the outer bark and heart material, which is white skin. What you see when you remove the outer bark of the large leaf rosewood is the heart material, basically you can’t see the biomass, and it is difficult to see the white skin.

The color of the large leaf rosewood is light, the texture is wide and straight, and the color of the texture is often red and white. Dry and oil -free, black silk is more common in brown lines,

Local water ripples are obvious. The oily properties of the leaflet rosewood are much enough than the large -leaf rosewood, and it looks more spiritual. After polishing, the gloss and oily moisturization of the large -leaf rosewood are worse than the rosewood, and the market price gap between the two is large.

The growth of small leaf rosewood is extremely slow. Generally, the annual wheel takes seven or eight years of growth, while the growth rate of large leaf rosewood is much faster. Therefore, leaf rosewood generally only appears on some small crafts, and rarely made of furniture.

Here is a method of simply distinguishing these two types of wood. Take the wood on the white paper. When the purple -red scratches appear, it means that it is large -leaf rosewood, and the scratch color of the Indian rosewood is orange -red. From the texture point of view, the texture of the lobular rosewood is fine, and the texture of the large leaf rosewood is relatively large.

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