How to distinguish the bell bell?


Wind bell grass is a genus of the bellflower family and wind bell grass.

Lily of Lily and Lumania.

The bell flower is the genus of the bellflower family and the bellflower.

Morphological characteristics

The morphological characteristics of the wind chimes: thick plant shapes, the shape of the flower is like a wind chime, and the color is elegant, which prevails in Europe. It is a common herbal flower in small gardens. It also represents health and gentle love. The wind chime flower is still in the stage of introducing, but everyone can still see it in flower malls or art flowers.

The morphological characteristics of the valley: Luman is a perennial herb. The height of the plant is about 20 ~ 30 cm. Ye Jisheng, upright, shiny. The flowers are small, bell -shaped, white, drooping and aromatic.

The morphological characteristics of bell flowers: Bell flowers are perennial herbaceous plants. The root is cylindrical and meat. Stems stand upright, 20 ~ 120 cm high. Leaves are raw, and some of them are 3 rounds of life. The length is about 2 ~ 7 cm. The shape is ovate to ovate -oriented, and the edges are jagged. Flower single or several bits or several flowers are born on the end of the branches, the corolla bell, blue -purple or white, and the cracks are triangular.

Flower and fruit period difference

The flower (fruit) period of the bell flower: the flowering period July to September.

Peried flowers (fruit) period: The flowering period is generally from April to May, and the fruiting period is June to July.

Period of the flowers (fruits) of the wind bell: flowering period from April to June.

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