How to distinguish white cryite and daisy

White cryite and daisy appearance


The flower of daisies is smaller, petals are elongated, and a snap is a flower.White crystal chrysanthemum is relatively large, and there are many flowers.


White granule is in the stem, the branch, then flowers, there is a flower, a lot of flowers.The flower stems of the daisy are directly colluded, and a stalk is a flower, there is no lion in the stem, and the plants are not high.


The leaves of white cryptosia are narrowed from width, and the rhombus is clear.The leaves of daisies are narrow and the edges are relatively smooth.

White crystal and daisy

White crystal

White crystal, is a two-year herbal flower, a strain of 15 to 2 5 cm, blade mutual, headflow top, disc, and white tongue.3 to May is its flora.


Daisy is the perennial herbal plant in Askia.The strain is 15 to 20 cm, the leaffriend clusters, spoon.The head is single, the flower diameter is 3-5 cm, and the tongue is a strip.Flower from 3 to June, usually with 10 flowers per strain.

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