How to fertilize Wan Shouju

How to raise Wan Shouju

Wanshouju is generally sown in spring. Each flower pot is placed with 3 seedlings, and organic fertilizer is sowed in the pot as base fertilizer. During the growth period, watering must be sufficient, and it can be placed in a sunny place in about 7 days. During the growth period, liquid organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer is applied every half month. Until the flowering period, you do not need to continue fertilization to ensure that the soil is moist and breathable.

Wan Shouju’s fertilization method

Seedling period

Fertilization is to pay attention to the proportion of organic fertilizer and inorganic compound fertilizer. It cannot be applied to only one kind of fertilizer. In the case of unevenness, it is easy to cause deprivation of fertilizer in the middle and late stages. The combination of organic fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers increases the total amount of phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen fertilizer, but pay attention to the application of nitrogen fertilizer. The base fertilizer during the seedling stage should be applied in depth, choose the soil with good drainage and breathability, and the soil layer is deep and loose soil. Until the growth period, fertilization is used with less fertilization times to apply for growth for growth needs.


Wanshouju flowers can be added to fertilization during the blooming period, and the spray time is at about seven in the evening. For large -scale planting Wanshouju, the soil layer is rated for about 20cm, so that the soil on the surface layer is not only fine and soft, and the field surface is flattened. The quantitative organic fertilizer is applied per acre.

The above is the main method of fertilizing the potted plant and large -scale planting. How much do you learn, try how much you learn.

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