How to judge the long root of cuttings

See if the branches stand upright, full of life

In fact, you need to know if the cuttings of cuttings have been rooted, you can see the branches.

Generally, if the cuttings can be kept green for a long time, this shows that the growth of plants is still normal. Basically, when the cuttings have no dehydration or withered phenomenon, after two weeks of growth, they can be long -rooted.

Therefore, to determine whether the cuttings are rooted, we must first see if the leaves on the cuttings stand upright and the color is bright.

See if leaves and buds start to grow

Basically, if the plants are successfully cut, new buds and new leaves will be given when they start to grow up.

Therefore, if you see that the cuttings have begun to germinate new buds and new leaves when cutting, basically express the information that has been rooted at this time.

It should be noted that in spring, the roses of cuttings are not necessarily rooted even if the phenomenon of long buds appears, and may be fake.

Some plants will root a lot

When cutting, some plant root system grows faster, and it will take root in large quantities. Even the part that is directly contacted on the same day can clearly see the new roots.

Check whether to get roots reasonably

In fact, if you want to determine whether the cuttings are rooted, you can check the soil by gently pulling away the soil, or use tools such as tweezers to remove the cuttings. But don’t pull out the cuttings directly.

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