How to judge when Clivia lacks fertilizer

Clivia lack nitrogen fertilizer

When breeding a Clivia, if its plant develops dysplasia, the leaves grow weak, and even grow stagnation, and the leaf of the lower part is yellow and dry. This is often a Clivia lack of nitrogen fertilizer.


Clivia lack phosphorus fertilizer

When breeding, when the flowers are poor, the color is weak, and even the phenomenon of flowers is too late. With the dark green of the leaves, the fruit is also very small. This is often a sense of phosphorus fertilizer in Clivia.

Clivia lack of potassium fertilizer

When breeding, a gentleman orchid, if the root system is underdeveloped, the plants are weak, the leaves are yellow and have spots, and the flowering is also very small. This may be the lack of potassium fertilizer.


Clivia iron deficiency element

When breeding, the fresh leaves are yellow and white, which is severely losing green, which is often due to iron deficiency. Leaf curling yellow hair and so on may be iron deficiency and magnesium deficiency.

Clivia’s fertilization and maintenance

Because when breeding Clivia, fertilizer that lacks various elements may lead to various symptoms, so it is necessary to determine which elements lack of Clivia according to the various symptoms presented when the Clivia grows, and then goes targeted in a targeted manner. Fertilize and supplement the required elements.


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