How to judge whether the succulent is dormant


In appearance, you can observe from the leaves and rhizomes of the flesh. First, see if the blades still have a bright luster, and then see if there is still a new bud that has just grown. Secondly, observe whether the entire plant is dull. You can also check whether there is a manifestation of falling off and dehydrating atrophy, some will fall off some leaves, and some will lose all the blades.

From the perspective of growth rate, the flesh entering the summer sleep period basically will not grow again, and for a period of time, there is no change in the size of the fleshy appearance. Another point is that the response to fertilization is no longer sensitive, and the condition will be poor after fertilization, sluggish and rotten.

The last method is that even when there is a temperature below 30 degrees in summer, if the rainy weather in the next few days causes the temperature to decrease, at this time, the flesh suddenly changes the downturn in the downturn and gradually grows up. The possibility of illness is because it must have entered a summer hibernation period because of the temperature relationship.

The meat and leaves of succulents are very fat, which also creates its unique appearance and different ornamental value. In Xia Mian, meat enthusiasts must summarize more breeding experience and make careful management.

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