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Fengxianhua family farming method


3 to September, sowing, in April, this is the most appropriate, so that it can be blooming in mid-year, and it can be maintained for more than two months. Now is early May, the friends who think about it have come!


Seed spread on the cultivating soil, gently shaking about 0.3 cm, 5 to 6 days, germination, the real leaf 3 ~ 4 can be implanted in the flower pot, and the strain is 30 cm.


Feng Xianhua is beautiful, can be placed on the balcony maintenance of the sun. Summer is brought into sun.

Water fertilizer management

Watering: 2 days of water in the air, poured once, usually 4-6 days.

Fertilizers: Feng Xianhua is very low for nutrients, even if it is a barren soil, it can grow very well. But I want to spend a splendid and glamorous, I can apply some fertilizer. Fertilizes a liquid fertilizer every month, or it can be applied once.


The flower period of Fengxianhua will be different depending on the sowing time. At the end of April, it was planted in July, and the flowers were in July; they were seeded in July, they were blossom in September. Fertilization can increase the flower buds and extend the flowers.

Fengxianhua domestic precautions


The fertilization of Fengxianhua can only be placed in the basin, and it cannot be close to the plant root or stem bar, which is easy to roast root.

Pest harm

The phoenix flower roots and leaves are prone to disease, and they should be checked in time.

Common diseases: white powder disease, brown spot disease, strain, wheeled disease, etc.

Common pests: root knots, Tianswi

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