How to maintain fruit plants in winter

The environment of conservation of fruit plants in winter


Fruit -viewing plants require sufficient light. Generally, it is placed in places with sufficient light to make it illuminate to the sun. In winter, you need to keep fructic plants in indoor breeding, and you need to keep the light sufficient, try to contact the sun as much as possible, and enhance the ornamental.


The ventilation of the environment is very important for the fruit -seeking plant, keeping the air circulation, which can prevent the fruit falling in advance because it is too stuffy.


According to the cold resistance of the plant, it is determined what kind of temperature is needed in winter. The cold -resistant fruit plant needs to be kept high. It must be above 15 ° C during the day and stay at 10 ° C at night, like bergamot. The cold -resistant fruit plant can resist low temperature, and the temperature may not have much effect at 0 ° C, such as wolfberry.

Water and fertilizer management of fruits in winter


Pay attention in winter that water cannot be ignored. If the plant has already been hung on the plant, it is necessary to keep the pot soil moist. The fruit contains thick water, which will look full, more beautiful, and if the water is short of water, the fruit may be lost and dry.


In fact, if the fruit plant plants have grown in winter, it can be seen, so it is best not to fertilize it to avoid fruit.

I believe that the flower buddies will not have to worry about the problem of the winter of fruit watching in the premise of the above editors. Is it great? Learn it quickly!

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