How to maintain maple bonsai


To breed maple bonsai, we must first pay attention to its environment. Maple tree is a tree species that likes a cool environment, and is afraid of direct light. Generally, the bonsai is well maintained in a hidden place. It can be cultivated indoors, but because the indoor ventilation is poor, the bonsai of the breeding maple is generally placed in the room for more than a week.

In winter, the outdoor temperature is low, and it can be moved indoors. The southern area can be buried directly into the soil to overwinter.

Bonsai method


Watering the maple trees is usually watering frequently in the growth season. When the temperature is relatively high, it is necessary to sprinkle water on the ground frequently to keep it moist. In winter, pay attention to less watering.


Fengshu bonsai fertilization generally does not need to be too diligent. Except for winter, fertilization is not required, and fertilization is generally used once or twice in other seasons.



When breeding maple tree bonsai, it is important to note that the germination capacity of maple trees is still very strong, and it is easy to grow new buds, so it should be cut off in time when breeding. Note that because the best time to watch the maple is when the new leaves grow, the leaves can be cut off in summer, and the new leaves can be grown out after fertilization.


Sometimes pests and insect pests in breeding maple trees should be sprayed in time for disinfection. Insect pests can spray some specialty pesticides.

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