How to maintain potted yellow locusts

How to maintain potted yellow locusts

The cultivation of Huanghuai Cubi can be performed in spring and summer. It has flowers opened one after another throughout the year, and the maintenance method is as follows.

Water and fertilizer management

Applying flower fertilizer during cultivation can make the seedlings grow faster and promote its rooting, so that it can better protect itself when facing environmental changes and not to die. If you just plant it, pay attention to shading and frequent watering. In particular, we must pay attention to strengthening management after the first bud to prevent dehydration and atrophy. We must realize that the second long new bud is considered to be truly survive.


Neutral yang, young trees can resist yin, adult plants like sufficient sunlight. It is recommended to place it in a place with sufficient light and good ventilation.


Huang Huai determined that the conditions for soil water and fertilizer are not high. Generally, low hills with medium fertilizer, as well as roadside and urban green belts, it can grow into scenery. Huang Huai is able to resist short-term-2 ° C low-temperature and general frost, and resistance, but does not resist the wind, and it is not resistant to accumulating piddown.


Pay attention to the prevention and treatment of pests and insect pests. If the disease is suddenly ill, it can be controlled by Niakotobadin 800 times liquid, or the Bordeaux liquid can be used for control. The occurrence of insect pests can be artificially removed, or insecticidal spray is used to investigate the pest.

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