How to maintain raw stone flowers

Floral farming technology

Sowing reproduction is the main propagation mean for flowers. Of course, they can also breed by cutting the root plane, but the planting of the floral group is much more difficult to breed more than the meat cone. Moreover, the strains are basically from large groups. Based on the growth of sputum flowers and is not easy to furnish, the large group of flowers are more rare precious (not recommended).

Placing flowers is not difficult. The seeds collected from the previous year were the most qualified seeds because fresh seeds often have many problems during germination (Note: This is the seeds we have not passed). If the belt clip is saved in a dry dark environment, even more than 10 years, the seed can still be full of germination.

I chose the media that has no organism as a sowing medium. Pure volcanic rocks are usually used for sowing. If you don’t have enough volcanic stone, you can also choose the gravel or other small stones between 1-4 mm for sowing.

But don’t don’t exceed 7 (Note: “Note: Far Apricot’s plants like acidic environment). I am sowing without any peat or garden soil, because they often have bugs or harmful bacteria.

To ensure that the seedlings can directly take directly into the medium rather than growing on the medium, it is necessary to avoid fine particles and dust present in the media. This is also another reason I don’t use the garden and peat (Note: Chinese gardening community prefer to use peat medium because it contains suitable organic and nice gas permeability, thereby helping plants to achieve the best growth rate.

The rigorous Germans prefer to achieve unloraity, and because this reason ensures extremely high plants.

Preparation before planting

Before sowing, we need to disinfect the media to prevent the outbreak of pest pegs. I usually use high temperature disinfection methods, which are both heated to 200 degrees Celsius for an hour. (Note: Because of the reason of the home, only the potassium permanganate of the medium is allowed to be soaked. The friend who disinfects the microwave oven should avoid moist media to prevent the heating and drying media, which is easy to cause spontaneous combustion).

The disinfected medium was placed in a sowing container before sowing, and then completely wet the medium with rainwater. It is also possible to use a tap water containing silver-free calcium. After that, the seed is sprinkled in a wet medium surface, do not hide (Note: this is still a personal feeling, I am in sowing, it is in the past, and it is not recommended for newcomers. ” Sowing is almost 10,000 seeds in 1 square meter, of course, this density can reach a very long time. Then, the transparent sheet is placed on the plastic container to increase the humidity in the seal sowing environment, and the basin is placed in the shadow. There is no sunlight. Keep an internal temperature above 15 degrees, don’t exceed 20 degrees (Note: This is the genographer sowing method, according to our own experience, the flowers of flowers 25 degrees may be a better choice).

The sowing of the window sill (home sowing) is generally better than the seeding in the temperature. Because the greenhouse or the temperature of the temperature is too high, and the sun is too strong, the family sowing can also bring a good day and night temperature difference, and the temperature difference can also help the seed germination. Through the two weeks of shading, the germination phase can be almost over, and you can reveal the ventilation management of small seedlings.

Shengshi flower seedling nurse

Decover a few weeks after the seedlings, you need to spray water multiple times a day, don’t let the surface dry. At the same time, slowly increase the light intensity, but during the planting of the first year, it is necessary to avoid the full sunlight at high temperatures, which may bring devastating strikes.

Try not to use chemicals, and do not use fertilizers for small seedlings below one year. As the plant grows, the amount of light intensity of their illumination is constantly strengthened, but it is not forgotten to do a good job in the sunny weather. (Here, the author wrote a sentence: lithops require shading all their life. I estimate that it is true that there are many desert tropical plants to survive and depend on a certain cover. If your climate brought a good illumination throughout the year, then you don’t need to do too much shadow.

In contrast, after experiencing a long German winter, flowers are likely to die in the spring sun within an hour.

Striped stone can grow well under appropriate shadow, some large farm parks are also used to cultivate rockflowers in the case of obscuring methods, and the cultured plants are usually long and fat, but they will tend to grow high. Note: We are so called. Stroven flowers under this cultured condition will often be poor in color performance. If you take a fat green Lihong jade and a big head is not big, it has a bright red black strip and has a yellow-skinned plant, you will find a huge illumination of good illumination. This is why I only make the plants blocked the cause of the plant when necessary.

Is the stone flower need to be fertilized?

Striped flowers have almost no fertilizer. I am using a n: p: k = 8: 8: 8 liquid fertilizer, using two to three times a year. I have also increased the watering frequency and watering amount of flowers, but considering safety factors as many farmers, but I suggest not give water in hot summer. And I will be completely sealed in two to March every year. (Note: I am also confused about this piece of maintenance. Many of them began to break water until the second year in December, and in good ventilation conditions, it is also possible to give water in summer. No problem, this passage will be referred to the reference. I only use a pesticide drug in the growth period every year, a pesticide drug called Imidachloprid in Germany. In addition, I don’t use any chemical items unless there is a very serious pest problem.

In addition to the stage of sowing, flowers like warm during warm day and cool night (the temperature of the merits is low-temperature sowing?) Winter I tried to let the flowers survive at all conditions without warming, but it seems to appear. Individual death phenomenon. However, in the case of a continuous two-night, my flowers also brought me zero loss surprises (should be part of the test items).

When is the flowers flowers?

Under a sufficient amount of illumination, the flowers will flow in the first time after planting for three years. Some salicy flowers may flow in the first year, but the possibility of continuing flowers in the second year is very low. And the seeds of flowering plants are also relatively easy. If you want to give yourself a surprise, let the beese help you to complete the pollination work. If you like to pursue a simple variety, then take your garden, use Xiao Mao to brush your plant pollination (remember, a variety of brush) (Note: I remember that there is a friend to question foreign plants. The corporate pollination problem, I remember that the friend said, “I don’t believe in a variety of a variety,” I should still believe in them). Most of the floral flowers can have a seed that can be polite to obtain hybridization, but the small bug does not care about it.

Shuima flower

Stroven flower in small pots is 2-3 years, but it needs to be changed, but the flowers planted in large containers can maintain many years without changing the basin, basically watering instead of dipping, water, and letting water It is possible to flow out of the container. Again this again, I plant my floral flow with pure volcanic stone. When the ball is changed, leaving only 2-3 cm of the main root, so that the flowers can make the flowers more easily rooted and allow roots to grow more in the new basin. If the root of the flowers, if it is too long, it will slowly bend the shape (I don’t know if the root is not directly affected).


You can clean the old plants’ housing clean, but the lower half of the old plants is generally thin and brittle, so let the old skin stay on the plant, so that it is still safe, otherwise the stone flower is easy to be large The group is peeled off. If this is unfortunate, this happens, immediately put the dropped flowers in the medium, and keep the medium moist, do the temperature is less than 15 degrees.

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