How to make a bowl of flowers

Breaking the name of the bowl

Breaking a bowl of flowers is a wild poison, putting it or its pulp in the dung pit, can kill the larvae of mites and mosquitoes. In order to prevent the children from picking this kind of flower, the peasants said to the children, I have to break this flower, I have to break the bowl, break the bowl, I can’t eat a meal, this name is this.

Breaking a bowl of flowers, is it good?

Breaking the bowl of flowers and flowers 20 ~ 80 cm high, sparse short hair; polychubin is simple or 2 ~ 3 back; total sepals 2 ~ 3, lifetime or round, similar to stem.

Calyx 5 ~ 6 pieces, white or pink, ovulation formation of oval, neutral flexible hair; quarrels of quadromes;

How to make a bowl of flowers

Breaking a bowl of flowers is a bamboo lanter plant. I have seen the “嬛 嬛”, I know that the bamboo peach pollen is harmful!

Therefore, farming the bamboo lanter plant, first pay attention to can’t eat, otherwise it will be 120.

The hunting faders, and there is also a good name to breach, after all, the name is too special. So how do you want to break the bowl?

First pay attention to the choice of potting soil. Breaking a bowl of flowers need to be loose and breathable, fertile is not fat, it doesn’t matter.

Then it is illuminated. The environment that breaks the bowl of flowers is a half-sunshine environment, and all-Japanese photos are not conducive to plant growth.

Watering must maintain a certain law, keep the pot soil moist and avoid drought. The drought in the basin is not conducive to flowering. Breaking the bowl flower is from June to August.

Break a bowl of flowers

Break a bowl of flowers to poison! Be sure to avoid children to eat! Home friends have a bear child, you have to think about it carefully!

Breaking a bowl of flowers can be used, but it is both external applications, and the internal service must be used under the guidance of a doctor.

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