How to make eternal flowers

Prepare materials

Flowers, AB liquids, scissors, utensils, stains that can be sealed

Chosen flowers

Choose your favorite flowers, be sure to ensure the freshness of the flowers, and it is also determined that the flowers have not been sticky. This is very important.

Trimming flowers

You can trim the flower stems according to the length you need, and cut off the excess leaves according to the number of leaves you want to keep. If there is no requirement, the flower stem can keep the length of about 2 cm.

Soak flowers

Pour A liquid in the sealing container. The liquid should be completely soaked in the flowers and then seal it. The soaking time is 24 hours. After the time is reached, if the color of the flowers does not completely turn white, it needs to be soaked. At this time, prepare another sealing tank, pour the liquid in it, and immediately put the flowers taken out of A liquid into the B liquid. The time exposed to the air cannot exceed 1 minute. Soak for 36 hours in B Li.


After the time has arrived, you can take out the flowers. You must put it in the place where the sun cannot be exposed. At the same time, the ventilation is better. It can be completely dry after about a week.


At this time, the flowers have become permanent flowers. You can dye the color according to what you need. After dyeing, it takes about 5 days to dry it.


The above method is suitable for family production; if the flower diameter is exposed, it should be stained separately from the flowers when dyeing. You can dye the flowers first, and the flower stems are stained after drying. The above -mentioned AB liquid and dyeing agent are sold on the Internet or physical stores.

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