How to overwin the phoenix blue

Winter way

Control of temperature

Generally, at the end of autumn, Phoenix Blue should be moved indoors. At this time, it should not be less than five degrees Celsius in order to ensure that the plant will not be too cold. However, it is basically unrealistic to make the hot and cold water of water achieve the appropriate long standard. It can protect the plant by improving room temperature.

Requirements for ventilation

In order to provide fresh air to plants, it is best to keep the windows and ventilation every day. However, time should not be too long, avoid a large amount of gas with low temperature, resulting in too low indoor temperature.

Requirements for light

There are many needs for this flower to light, and it is best to be around four or five hours a day. Strengthening light in winter can enhance photosynthesis, which is an important factor to ensure that it is safe and overwinter. When the sun is more sufficient, the phoenix blue is moved to the balcony and other places to receive light. When the sun falls, do not forget to move the plant back to the room. If the outdoor temperature is too low, you can place it indoors and open the curtains.

Requirements for water and fertilizer

It should not be watered in winter, but it can be appropriately sprinkled with water to increase the humidity of indoor air. In addition, winter is not suitable for fertilizer.


Different regions have different wintering methods. If it is the southern region, it can make it naturally overwinter. Winter withering is a natural phenomenon, so you don’t have to worry too much. It is suitable for planting at a higher temperature. Generally speaking, 25-30 ° C is the best temperature it is. Therefore, in cold areas or southern areas with high altitude, every autumn and winter, if you do not add management, the Phoenix Blue is extremely frozen, the leaves will turn yellow, and it may die.

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