How to overwin the winter

Conditions for winter


The reason why light is put on the first is because this plant likes light very much, and light is an extremely important aspect that prompts it to be safe to pass the winter. I often take it out to see the light, otherwise let it stay in the dark, and its mood has always been dark and will not grow well.


Similar to other plants, Bo Xue Wannian grass demand for water in winter is small. The number of watering and watering is as little as possible, so that the soil is not so dry. If there is no watering for a long time, the leaves are a bit withered. Do not worry too much. Watering in time, you can restore your vitality in a while.


The growth rate of plants may be faster, so when winter is coming, it is best to trim it, so that it can make it more beautiful and reduce the waste of nutrients and make it better in winter.


If plants are placed indoors, ventilation is a necessary measure to breathe fresh air. However, considering that the temperature is relatively low, the number of ventilation and time should not be excessive. Also, be careful not to put the plants in the wind, the beautiful plants still can’t stand the cold wind invasion.


The vast number of enthusiasts can rest assured that this kind of plant is not so afraid of cold, and it is not so delicate and difficult to raise. Generally speaking, friends in the southern region do not have to move it into the room. However, friends in the northern region noticed that when the winter was lower than 5 ° C, it should be placed indoors for insurance.

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