How to overwinter the chrysanthemum

The growth conditions of Yarcus chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemums are more cold -resistant, happy, and requires fertile soil and loose drainage. The adaptability of Yaru chrysanthemum is easy to cultivate, and it can also be broadcasted by itself. In addition, the chrysanthemums of the car chrysanthemum are densely planted.

Winter condition of Yarcus chrysanthemum

Outdoor plant

In the south of Central China, Chrysanthemum does not need to take cold prevention measures, and it can be directly exposed to winter. However, in North China, cold objects need to be covered in winter. In winter, the chrysanthemum can be buried in the soil continuously, and the early spring of the next year can be removed for potted planting. Because the roots of the chrysanthemums are rarely resistant to transplantation, they must be brought to the soil when transplantation, otherwise it is not easy to survive. Rotten fertilizer water that can be applied at 5 times or 1 month, and it has been stopped until March of the following year.

Indoor pot

Potted vermiculite chrysanthemums require the fertile and loose pot soil. It is best to mix the plant ash with the garden soil and leaves. It is necessary to fertilize until the flower buds appear. Or let the chrysanthemum enter the room in advance before the winter. The room temperature needs to be maintained at 8 to 15 degrees Celsius, and the appropriate amount of watering should be maintained. Put it in a sunny place and apply a small amount of thin compound fertilizer. Subsequently, wait for flowering.

Starcolus chrysanthemum winter maintenance precautions

Guarantee temperature

The chrysanthemums are more adaptable, like sufficient sunshine, but are not moisture. They generally choose soils with better permeability when planting. In winter, you need to pay special attention to maintain a suitable temperature. But indoor maintenance, do not put it on the air -conditioned air outlet and too close to heating.

Reduce watering

Wajie chrysanthemum is enough to pour water once every 3 to 5 days, but the water evaporates slowly in winter, and Yaru chrysanthemum does not need too much moisture. Pour water once a month. Essence

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