How to plant the sea red beans

Haihong Bean Temperature Management

Haihong Bean is native to subtropical and tropical areas. The environment of high temperature and high humidity is more suitable for its growth and is not cold -resistant. Therefore, the temperature in winter is relatively high. In areas where frosting appears, it cannot be saved to overwinter. Or the straw help it to keep it.

Haihong Dou Light Management

Haihongdou trees are not strict with light, that is, I like the environment with sufficient sunshine and tolerate half shade. Pay attention to the sea red beans in the seedling period.

Haihong Bean Water Fertilizer Management

Potted sea red beans need to pay attention to its water management. When the pot is put on the pot, add organic fertilizer as base fertilizer. In the usual maintenance process, appropriate water and fertilizer management must be performed to promote plant growth. Spring, summer, and autumn are the growing season of sea red beans. Fertilizer and watering should be performed indirectly. The interval period is about 3 days. The interval period should be appropriately shortened during sunny or high -temperature weather. Don’t have accumulated water. Winter is the dormant period of sea red beans. During this period, the application of fertilizer should be reduced. One fertilizer and two water can be used as a cycle for water and fertilizer management. The interval period is about one week.

Haihongdou trimming the branches

Sea Red Bean should be trimmed in winter, because the plants will enter the dormant or semi -dormant period in winter. In this period, the nutrition consumption is relatively small. Therefore, it is necessary to trim the thin, dead and dense branches in order to grow new branches in the coming years.

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