How to pollinate potted lemon

Physiological structure

Generally speaking, there are two types of lemon flowers, one is bisexual and the other is male flowers. From this we can know that there are no pistils or pistil degradation in the male flowers, so it cannot bear the result, can only be passed on, and the gender flowers can bear the results. Therefore, artificial pollination also needs to choose a gender flower with pistils and stamens.

Pollination method

The artificial pollination is to teach the pistil pollen to the stigma of the stamens. The artificial pollination of potted lemon is the same. Use tools such as cotton swabs, brushes and other tools to dip the pollen on the pistil and place them on the stamens. It can also be said that the pollen site on the surrounding flower stamens is transmitted to the stigma of the middle flower pillar.

Fruit management

Buckle water before flowering

Before the flower, the water is mainly to prevent the growth of the branches in summer and the healthy growth of the accumulation of nutrients and buds of plants. The specific step of deducting water was to reduce the amount of watering on the day before entering the hot summer.

Baohua Bao Guo

This move should be performed after lemon flowering, apply thin fertilizer once a week, and trim it in time, sparse flowers and fruits. At this time, it is important to note that in general, each branch can be kept.

Reasonable fertilization

According to lemon habits, it is always good for fertilizer. Applying rotten liquid fertilizer before the lemon plant sprouts, and then the liquid fertilizer mainly applied to nitrogen fertilizer, so that it can promote the growth of the branches and germinate with the branches.

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