How to pour flowers in orange peel water

Can orange peel water pour flowers

The orange peel is rich in vitamin C and aroma oil. Its nature is acidic. Pouring flowers with orange water can improve alkaline soil, remove the smell of flower pots, show a fresh fragrance, and can also supplement the nutrition required for the growth of flowers.

Whether orange peel water needs to be diluted

Take 50g of fresh orange peel, add 1000g of water for 24 hours, you can pour the flowers directly.

Orange peel water watering method

1. Turn into juice.Take 2-3 oranges or oranges and other citrus peels into the mixer, add a glass of clear water to stir together, filter out the orange peel, and pour it in the pot.The juice made in this way can drive ants, both environmentally friendly and healthy.

2. Wipe the blades.Wipe the plant’s leaf surface with fresh citrus peels can make the leaves more shiny, and also make the plant less rigorous.

3. Pour water in water.Put the orange peel in the water for a day to pour the flowers, it is best to finish it at one time.

4. Orange peel can be buried in the soil for flower fertilizer.

Applicable flowers of orange peel water

Orange peel water is slightly acidic fertilizer, which is suitable for like -like plants, such as rhododendrons, laughing, Bailan, jasmine, gardenia, osmanthus, ivory, ivory red and so on.

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