How to pour flowers in salt water

Can saline be used to pour flowers

Fresh salt water can be used for watering flowers, and can be used to irrigate the cactus with saline with a concentration of 1%-2%to improve its disease resistance.

Whether salt water needs dilution

Before the use of salt water, it must be diluted. Some plants have poor salt resistance, and it is easy to be exhausted after being absorbed by thick salt water.

How to pour flowers in salt water

1. Pour flowers with light saline: The concentration of salt water is determined by the salt resistance of the plant.

2. Treatment of flower branches incision: Put a small amount of salt into the water raising water, or you can crush the cut flower branches and wipe a small amount of salt, which can stimulate the water transportation of the flower branch and make the flowers spiritual.

Applicable flowers of salt water

Suitable for plants with better salt resistance, such as cactus.

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