How to pour flowers

Whether you can pour flowers

Beer is also called liquid bread, which can be used to pour flowers. Beer contains a large amount of carbon dioxide to promote the metabolism of various flowers. Nutrition such as sugar, protein, amino acids such as sugar, protein, amino acids contained in beer is very conducive to the growth of flowers.

Do you need to dilute

Beer -poured flowers need to be diluted, mixing with a certain proportion before pouring flowers.

How to pour flowers

1. Pour flowers. Mix the beer and water at a ratio of 1:50 and then pour the flowers. The amount of cost can make the flowers grow strongly.

2. Spray the leaves. Mix water and beer at a ratio of 1:10 and spray it on the leaf surface.

3. Wipe the leaves with beer. This method can be used to watch the leaves and trees, and then use a clean soft cloth or cotton ball to dip the leaves. The blades have a direct absorption of nutrients, which can make the leaves greener and shiny, and the texture becomes more fat.

4. For flower arrangement. Pour the 1/10 beer in the flower bottle that can make the flower arrangement more vivid and longer.

Applied flowers

Most potted flowers can be poured with beer, such as orchid, green dill, Brazilian iron wood, turtle -back bamboo, Clivia, flower leaf Wannianqing and other leaf flowers. Essence

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