How to pour the mammood

1. About nutrients

In fact, it is usually mixed with bran and a small amount of fragmented rice particles in Amoy, which is rich in nutrients such as phosphorus element, nitrogen element, and trace elements, and the application of rice water. It is certain. Of course, the “selection of rice” “fine rice” “freened rice” is reduced, and the spray flower is not big.

2, about “harm”

Pouring flowers directly with mowed water. Long-term will cause the basin flower soil strip, hinder the respiration of the plant roots, and excessive burning plants will be the root of the plant.

3, about decomposing, fermentation

Only the nutrients after the fermentation, the nutrients after fermentation can be succeeded in the plant. This and a kind of grain vegetables have a truth, directly on the undecomposed manure, “burning” dead crops and vegetables. This is explained so that all organic fertilizers make it sufficiently fermented to the root of heat burn plants produced during fermentation. The fermentation technology is very simple:

Place the rice water in an empty altimeter and seal the mouth. Some friends have used the large Cola bottle. After about two weeks, the summer can be short, and the other seasons can be used. Remember to give a sealed bottle penetration gas (a gas will be sent when fermentation). Take the liquid when water is watered, and the water is diluted, and 70% to 80% of the water is recommended. Be careful not to be on the leaves.

4, good fat

Flowering food is a pleasure, turning around the things into treasures, environmental protection, economy … The most important thing is that natural organic fat is more suitable for plant growth and development.

After the fermentation of rice, it is weakly acidic, and the alkali properties of the water can be neutralized. Through the 沤 沤 水, in addition to the elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium; also contain a large amount of iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, molybdenum, etc. Compound fertilizer. Use it to pour the flowers of sour soil (such as Duzhi, Milan, Jasmine, Gardenia, Mountain Tea, Orange, etc.) can not only promote plant growth and strong, branches, flowers, colorful, can extend the flower period, anti-yellow sick. At the same time, due to the more phosphorus (the main ingredient of rice bran) (the main component of rice bran is phosphate fertilizer), it can promote the formation of flower buds, which can promote the dividing of the flower bud, so that the flowers and trees are green. Pouring view of the leaf plant (such as green, Brazilian, etc.), I think more is to use its microalic acid, which can make plant blade lines to grow very nice.

5, about odor

Some friends don’t like organic fertilizer, but there is a lot of oranges, because the orange peel contains a lot of fragrance oils, during the fertilizer fermentation process, can constantly volatilize the fragrance, thereby reducing the odor of organic fertilizer … … and orange skin itself is also good fertilizer.

Pay attention to the seal. Purpose and breathable. (In fact, the process is smelling, it is not smelling.) Some friends use the large syringe in the basin of the fertilization, very smart and good way.

6, about fertility

After the fermentation of rice water is diluted, the fertility is relatively, can replace the water to pour the flowers, improve the soil, but not fully replace the full-effect organic fertilizer, mainly a supplement, to be big harvest, agricultural time, the fertilization time Fertilization.

It is necessary to use fermented nm water to make thin fat. Can’t pass prone to avoid acid. It is not mixed with alkaline fertilizers, and it can be poured with acidic fertilizers.

7, suitable for flowers

Note that all plants are suitable for watering, such as alkaline plants, such as cactus, is not suitable. Iron fern is not.

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