How to promote the blooming of leeks?

Tips for promoting the blooming of leeks:

1. Soil: The soil should be selected better, and the humus sand soil containing organic matter is decomposed and transformed by microorganisms to plant leeks lotus.

2. Environment: It is suitable to grow in places with sufficient sunlight and temperature above 15 degrees. However, it is not advisable to expose in the hot summer sun. The temperature is 16-26 degrees. This is the best temperature. Although it is good to ventilate, it should not be directly at the air.

3. Water: Especially in the growth period of leek lotus, to ensure sufficient water, it can make its leaves flourish, and it will also affect the number and size of its flowers.

4. Fertilization: In the growth period, you must apply sufficient fertilizer. You can use thinner liquid fertilizer 3 to 4 times.

5. After the flowers, the care: After the previous batch of flowers faded, do not water for the time being. After 50 days to 60 days, when the normal watering is restored, and then the watering is stopped. There are 2 to 3 flowering periods, and the flowering period is about 10 days.

How about, can these little tricks be done in daily maintenance? In fact, when plants bloom, we will be very excited and our mood will change. Friends, try the above methods to promote your chives.

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