How to raise a child?


The child’s main buds can be protected from the rack of the plants to continue from the sprouts from the residual stems. It is very easy to grow in the lateral buds. The spring and autumn seasons are the easiest to survive.


The plant uses peat mixed pearl rock plus pumice, proportion 1: 1: 1, in order to isolate plants and soil surface contact, in order to be more breathable, specially laying on the clean river sand of the particles, river sand size 3 to 5 mm, The sand layer has a thickness of 5 mm. Watering is dried to pour, not dry water.


Spring and autumn are growth periods and can take full sun. Summary will not sleep, there is a ventilation and sunshade, and the heat is poured for 4 to 5 water every month. It does not boost, maintaining the normal growth of plants, and the summer water is too easy to rot. Winter temperature is less than 5 degrees, it is necessary to break water, keep the pot soil dry, try to maintain no less than minus 3 degrees. This will be safe for a safe winter.


When the flowers are watering, they are as close as possible to the water-up watering, and the leaves are under the water. It may also appear aqueous spots, the original crystal villain, becomes the face, this is not good!

Pest control

The child is relatively strong, and the individual will basically do not get sick because the water is too big, the bug is more troublesome. Several children, the same, the same growth flowers all, strong! If you find that there is, the soil throw away, the basin throws away, smash a few small lotus, re-cutting, don’t worry, safety first, poison Or insect, this is a problem.

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