How to raise a little white rabbit


The rabbit’s rabbit rabbit algae is easier to reproduce. For example, after cutting it with a longer stem, it can grow into a new raccoon algae.

Winter bud

Many green varieties will grow in the winter buds in low temperature, and new tancture can also grow when the spring flowers bloom.


Use water moss or peat as a matrix, just sprinkle the seeds directly on it. At the same time, keep the light and high humidity.


For this plant, the humidity must be above 50%. Of course, it is easy to achieve this humidity. Generally, it is possible.


This plant has a wide range of survival, and has different demand for temperature. Usually it can be planted from 10 to 31 degrees, and some can bear even as low as 0 degrees to 37 degrees.


Tanukaris needs to use lower concentration of water to pour plants. During the growth period, it can be used to provide water with a high water leveling method. However, as long as the matrix is ​​kept moist during dormancy.


In terms of light, Little White Rabbit Tdocoli is more suitable for a bright environment and light.


When the plant grows, it can be sprayed on the leaf surface to provide nutrients with a general general compound fertilizer for 5000 times.

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