How to raise Biyulan


Breeding Barrier needs to provide it with good drainage sand, and it is also rich in nutrients and humus. Remember not to plant the green environment in the clay environment, otherwise it is not conducive to its growth.


Biyulan is happy, in addition to the more sunlight in the cold winter, it is best to find a place with a relatively scattered light for Biyulan. The half -yin lighting environment will be more conducive to the growth of Jiyura. More brighter and vibrant.


The requirements of the green environment must be wet to the air environment, so as to ensure the bright and vivid plant of the plant. The second is that watering should be timely, poor drought resistance, and water volume is performed.


If the breeding of the green is cultivated from the seedlings, it is necessary to pay attention to the “top -up” when the plant height reaches 9 cm, so that the branches of the greenness can be more vigorous, the number is more, and the value of the round plants will be higher.


The main point of Bilulan’s fertilization is the four words “a small number of times”. Generally, there is no need to add too much fertilizer in its growth period. Fertilizer is the most suitable, no need to supplement other chemical fertilizers to Biyura.

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