How to raise branches?

How to raise branches?


Branches like a warm sunlight, but it cannot be exposed, so pay attention to shading and ventilation of seedlings in summer. When the weather is very hot, you can spray some water around the surroundings to keep the air moisturizing. You can put a water plate at the bottom of the flower pot to keep the bottom of the pot wet. In the cold winter, you must also allow the branches to enjoy full light. You must move the branches to the corner that can see the sun. At the same time, pay attention to maintaining the moisture of the pot soil.


The branches of apricot seeds fertilize it one to two months after germination. During the fertilization process, pay attention to dilute the fertilizers you bought as much as possible. You can choose to fertilize with immersion. After the seedlings of the branches growing apricots come out, in order to allow the seedlings to absorb sufficient growth nutrients, they should be split in a timely manner. In addition, do not water the seedlings immediately after the basin, and water it after a week.


The soil used by branches to sow is loose and breathable, and the soil with good water retention is required during maintenance. The soil is preferably mixed soil. The options of mixed soil consisting of nutrient soil, coal ash, sand, plant ash, and perlite mixed with a ratio of 4: 4: 2: 1: 1. The proportion of stone and perlite is mixed with a ratio of 4: 6: 1.

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