How to raise Cameo

Cameo breeding method

Cameio light demand

Cameio likes warm and humid, sunshine. Can be maintained throughout Japan. When the light is sufficient or the temperature difference increases, the blade will become red, so that the leaves are bright and colorful.

Cameo Water Fertilizer Management

Watering: Cameo is not allowed to be wet during the growth period, and it is possible to cast a water once a week. Water is poured once a month in the winter, keeping the potter drying. When air is dry, sprinkle water around the plants and increase air humidity. However, do not water to leaves and leaves, otherwise the blade is extremely easy to rot, affecting the growth of the plant.

Fertilization: Fertilizes once a month, use diluted pieces of fertilizer or special organic fertilizer.

Cameo breeding way

Cutting: The spring is riddled with ripe blades, insert it in the sand bed, 3 weeks, can root it, it can be used for a small plant. Note that when cutting the blades, the decisive is fast, the cut is flat, and the cutting is naturally dried.

Rattoplasty: Cameo is required for a certain condition, and many strains of the maternal strains of 2 to 3 years will germinate many strains at this time, the plants can be placed in the spring.

Cameo’s domestic precautions

Cameo common pests and pests: root knots, rust.

Carmeo needs a basis once a year to prevent the growth of the soil strip from growing in the plant. When you change the pot, the potter selects peat and coarse sand, add a small amount of bone powder or organic fertilizer.

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