How to raise Changchun

Soil requirements

Changchun flower originates from the tropical area of ​​the Asian, warmth, not cold, avoid wet fear, general soil can be cultivated for long spring flowers, but the saline soil is not suitable, with good drainage, wind breathable sand soil is good.

When the potted seedlings, it is necessary to use a rich loose soil that is rich in rot, and the seedlings will be 6-7 sheets of the leaf. When the seedlings are 7-8 cm, take the heart once, and you can take the heart twice in the future to promote multiple branches and flowers. Usually, long spring flowers should not be too much, too wet affecting growth and development. Some nitrogen fertilizers in Changchun will give birth to some phosphate fertilizer during the pregnancy. After the flower, you must cut the residual flower.

Moisture requirements

Changchun flowers are afraid of fear, water water is not too much, and the damp effect is growing. Especially in the indoor winter plant should strictly control water, it is good, otherwise it is very easy to freeze. Dynamic cultivation, summer shower, pay attention to timely drainage, so as not to cause the whole death.

Breeding method

Changchun flower is multi-breeding.

In the early spring, the seedlings are slow, and when the seedlings are long to 3 -4-four-piece leafs, they begin to seed the seedlings, with 6-8 to the true leaf.

In May, the planting flower bed is water, and the water is watered once, and the phosphorus is properly subjected to flowers. Cutting breeding: can take the tender branches on the winter plant in the spring, cut 8 cm long, with some blades, in a moist sandy loam, the root temperature is 20 ° C to 25 ° C, pay attention to obscuring and maintain humidity.

When the seedlings are 10 cm, the top has urged the hair, then the upper three-inch pots, gradually turned to the seven-inch pot. The mature fruit of Changchunhua can take a slice of seeds, and should pay attention to observing the yellowness of the fruit, that is, it should be taken in time, otherwise it is difficult to take the seed. A year can be three-generation, and more than 1300 kilograms of hay per mu.

Every 30 days, every 30 days, pay attention to watering, but not water, and the rainy season pays attention to drainage.

In order to promote branches, you should take 2-3 times from mid-August to mid-August, so you can spend it.

Winter temperature 10-12 ° C. Changchun flows, when the temperature rises to about 10C, the seedlings are started to transplant 1 time when the seedlings are long, and can also be cut in the spring.

Maintenance skills

It usually manages Changchunhua, but also pays attention to ensuring that the plants are fully illuminated, and the long-term is in the shade. The light is insufficient, which will make the leaves yellow.

If the soil alkali is niece, the ventilation is poor, the seepage is poor, and the plant grows poorly, the leaves are yellow and do not flow.

Winter should be moved in the room, keeping at room temperature above 5 degrees, and controls watering, the basin is biased.

If the family room temperature remains around 15-20 degrees, sustainable flowering is constantly flowering. Changchun can be moved to outdoor management after opening the spring. Changchun flower is generally cultivated for two years.

Changchun flower fruit is from 9 to October, the fruit is constantly mature, and it must be charged in time. Changchun flower breeding multi-purpose seed.

Sowing is usually carried out in early April, can be exposed or banned. In addition, it can also breed the tender branches on the old plants in the spring, and the Changchun flowers into the top of the top to promote more branches.

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