How to raise cypress

Breeding method


Breeding cypress, pot soil needs to be loose and well -drained soil. It is better to use sandy soil, you can also mix some soil yourself.

Light and temperature

The vitality of the rolling cypress is relatively strong. It likes a warm environment. The suitable temperature when it grows is about 20 ° C. In winter, be careful not to be lower than 0 ° C.

Rolling cypress likes the growth environment of semi -yin. Generally, potted planting should be placed in a place where it is wet and wet.

Water and fertilizer

The cypress can resist drought, but it needs to be watered a lot during the growth period to keep the pot moist. Because it likes humidity, it needs to spray it often, but be careful not to be cold water.

Fertilization of rolling cypress is usually fertilized every half a month.



When breeding and cypress, you need to change the pot. Generally, you can choose a shallow basin. The time to change the pot is in spring. If you do not change the pot, you need to change the soil.


Breeding rolls often occur in pests and insect pests, such as leaf spots, anthracnose, etc., which are extremely harmful and affect the growth of plants. Pests are mainly brown and soft, and the harm is also great.

Generally, the pests of pests in rolls should be taken in time to take measures in time. To remove the lesions and leaves in time, pests should be carried out artificially, or sprinkle some potions to kill insects.

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