How to raise eight treasures

Planting method

The propagation method of the eight treasures of the eight treasures is mainly based on the planting or cutting reproduction, and the cutting propagation is mainly. The reproductive process, the temperature moisture should be strictly controlled, and more management.



The eight treasures of the eight treasures are resistant to the drought and barren, which can grow normally in the alkali ground, and choose the soil of good drainage and diseased pests in home maintenance.


Eight treasures like strong light, it is slightly negative, but try not to sunside, too low light will cause long.


Eight treasures can be low temperature resistance, winter can be safe at -22 ° C. But the most suitable growth temperature is 15 to 25 ° C. At night, 15-18 ° C, 24-26 ° C during the day, and the sediments of the plants in this range are more rough.


It is necessary to water and timely soil according to the soil and weather conditions. In early June, seedlings, seedlings, began to grow, pay attention to water, water for 1 time every 2 weeks, keep soil moist.


7 – August is the flower period, to provide sufficient nutrients, 2-3 speed fertilization (human urine, nitrogen fertilizer), and intervals.


Don’t trim in the winter, the second year of spring is pruning the midst of the ground.

Pest Control

When watering too much soil is too wet, it is easy to get rooted, and it should be drained in time or the prevention and treatment.

In addition, pests will endanger the leaves, rhizome, affect growth, to check in time, once it is found to be removed immediately or flush with soap water, you can use pesticide.

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