How to raise flowers in bark

How to raise flowers in bark

The bark is actually not difficult to get. It is usually found in the wild. When you find dead trees, you can find a lot.

These bark is very good to raise flowers, but we need to ferment in advance. Cut the collected bark and cut it into small pieces. Put it into a plastic bag. We can pour some rice water when we are packing, and then seal our mouths and put them in the corner.

After that, you need to pour some rice water every month, 2-3 times, and it can be fermented successfully in 3 months. In summer, time will be shorter.

Benefits of bark farming

It is natural to use bark to raise flowers, so everyone likes to use this way.

First of all, the bark contains a large amount of micropores, which has good functions of water absorption and water preservation, which is very effective for the moisturizing of flowers. Because it is relatively speaking, water absorption is faster, but the evaporation is relatively slow. So the entire growth environment is still very stable.

Secondly, if the bark is planting materials, the pests and insect pests are relatively small, and watering does not need to be too careful.

Note that before making plant materials with bark, soak the bark in water for about 2 hours. After sucking with water, let’s raise flowers.

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