How to raise flowers in orange peel

Pour in water

In the orange peel, it contains richer nutrients, such as vitamin C and watering flowers, which can supplement the nutrients required for flower growth. In addition, orange peel is acidic, which is very good for alkaline soil, which can improve the acid and alkali of the soil.

In addition, you can use orange peel to remove the odor.

Orange peel water is still very easy to make. Take fresh orange peel and soak it in water. Soak it for about 24 hours. You can directly pour the flowers.

Flowering method

Putting fresh orange peels to wipe the leaves of the plant, which can promote the leaf surface to be more shiny and reduce the occurrence of pests.

After the orange peel is soaked in water, you can use it to pour the flowers, just like ordinary pouring flowers. Pay attention to the orange peel that has been soaked for too long, it is best to finish it at one time.

The orange peel can be buried in the flowerpot as a flower fertilizer.

Put the orange peel into the mixer and stir with water. After filtering the residue, the juice made can be deworming.

Suitable flower

Orange peeling water is acidic and is more suitable for acidic plants, such as rhododendrons, jasmine, gardenia flowers and other flowers.

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