How to raise flowers in pine needles

What is pine needle soil

Slightly pine needle soil is actually a type of rotten leaf soil. It is the soil that pine needles are rotted on the ground.

However, many people do not know what kind of rotten soil. Many people regard the pine needles that are not rotten as pine needles, and the soil under the pine needle is also used as a pine needle soil. In fact, the real pine needle soil should be the layer of pine needles on the surface of the pine needle, showing black irregular appearance.

What flowers are suitable for raising

There are still many flowers suitable for breeding, because it is similar to the corrupt leaf soil. Flowers with pine needles, including Clivia, orchids, etc., and some flowers that like loose soils, can also use pine needles, succulent plants, and can also use pine needle soil.

When the pine needle is soil, everyone should add a little garden soil as appropriate.

how to use

The pine needle soil is easy to use, but it cannot be used casually. These soil contains many insect eggs and bacteria, as well as some branches, and must be dealt with, otherwise it will be easy to get sick and insect pests.

Before use, sterilize and sterilize it, and try to match some other soils.

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