How to raise glass in winter


The glass is a very cold -tolerant plant. If the temperature drops below 10 degrees, the glass of the glass will slowly turn yellow, and some leaves will have a withering phenomenon. The best growth temperature in winter is above 13 degrees to ensure that the glass and leaves of the glass are evergreen, and the glass of glass is continuous.


Winter can reduce the amount of glass watering, as long as the soil is slightly humid, but there must be sufficient humidity in the air, especially in the winter in the north. The air is humidified, and water can be sprinkled around the plants with a watering pot. This can make the glass green leaves continue to tender green. Whether it is sprayed or poured, the temperature of the water is preferably the same as the indoor temperature.


The glass of glass also requires sufficient sunlight, and it is necessary to move the flower pot frequently so that each surface of the glass can be exposed to the sun, which can effectively prevent the glass of the glass, and it can also maintain the beautiful appearance of the glass.

Fertilization: fertilization:

At a suitable temperature, the glass is also blooming in winter, and fertilization is required once 15 days after flowering. Special fertilizers can be selected. However, the amount of fertilization should not be sufficient, otherwise it will also cause the glass of glass.

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