How to raise in Pinellia

Pinellia’s temperature requirements

Pinellia cute seedlings require a ground temperature above 10 ° C, and the most suitable growth temperature is about 20 ° C. When the temperature exceeds 35 ° C, the ground part of the ground that grows under the ground without shading, the ground part of the ground will wither and die, causing a large area of ​​Pinellia seedlings; At 0 ° C, pay attention to prevent frostbite.

Pinellia’s requirements for humidity

Drilling and dampness in Pinellians, soil with high humidity is suitable for its growth. In the summer evening, it is irrigated with well water ditch. On the one hand, the soil can be kept moist, and on the other hand, it can reduce soil temperature. Of course, watering must also be, Pinellia is both happy and afraid of water, and water should not be available, because the accumulated water will cause poor plant growth. Under hypoxia conditions The output of the tuber decreases.

Pinellia’s requirements for light

Banxia is a plant with yin tolerance, daunting strong light. If the light is too strong, it will burn the leaves of the semi -summer, which can easily cause the plant to wither; if the light is too weak, it will easily cause stems to weakly and pour seedlings. Therefore, Pinellia should grow in the semi -shade environment, and under moderate shock conditions, it can grow lush.

Pinellia’s requirements for soil

The roots of Pinellia are relatively shallow, moist, fertile, and deep soil suitable for their growth. Generally, soil requirements are not strict. Except for saline -alkali soil and over -stick soil, other soils can basically grow. The neutral sand soil with a moisture content of 25%and loose and fertile is the best.

Pinellia’s requirements for fertilizer

Water fertilizer management is a prerequisite for Pinellia’s production. Before planting, you can mix bean cake fertilizer and fertilizer fertilizer in the soil to ensure that the nutrient supply of early growth is sufficient. After the plant enters the long -term It is conducive to maintaining soil moist, on the other hand, it is conducive to promoting Pinellia growth, thereby playing a role in increasing production.

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