How to raise Ji Rifue

Suitable soil

More than half of the meat is not much, the soil has problems, and the soil is very important. Planting multi-selection of boiling soil and coarse sand, plus petrochemical fat, pearl rock, etc. Specific bacbat soil method, reference ☞ 多 适 适 适 土

Pink sunshine

Ji Rifes is a good view of the leaf plant. It is green. After sunshine, it will exude red brown rays, so it is necessary to focus in the sun. If the plant grows in the dark, it is easy to be long, the plant is loose, the leaves are thin, the leaves are bleak, and the leaves are reduced.

As long as the sun is sufficient, you will see the sun is red. However, pay attention to shading in summer, the sun is easy to burn, affecting growth.

Winter small room

Ji Ruan Yue is not cold, too cold blades are easy to frost. Plants should be placed in the indoor sun sufficient, if the lowest temperature at night is about 10 ° C, and there is a certain temperature difference, it can be properly water, and the plant will continue to grow. If the indoor temperature is low, it should be controlled to water, maintain the drying of the pot, stop fertilization, and let the plants sleep normally.

Moisturizing blade

Watering masters the principle of “no drying, pouring,”, avoiding water in the pot, can sprinkle water around the plant, but the leaves, especially the Ye Cong is not allowed to accumulate, otherwise it will cause rotten heart , Especially pay attention to avoid long-term rain.

Water fertilizer combination

Ji Rifes the month, you need to fertilize once, use the composite fertilizer of rusted thin liquid fertilizer or low nitrogen and high phosphorus potassium, pay attention to the ground when fertilizing, do not splash on the blade.

Fertilization time should also choose the weather in the morning or evening. On the evening of the day, it will be water in the morning, and the fertilizer remaining in the soil.

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