How to raise Mingyue

How to raise


Mingyue originates in Mexico, likes to warm and sunshine, suitable growth temperatures are 18 ~ 25 ° C.Half-resistant and drought resistance.Mingyue is a full-scale plant, and the blade will become a golden color when the light is sufficient.

Water fertilizer management

Watering: keeps the pot soil slightly moist during growth period.The summer plants are in a semi-sleep period, reducing watering, keeping the basin dry dry.Water watering is dependent on room temperature, and the dryness is wetted.

Fertilization: 2 ~ 3 times in the year, use diluted cake fertilizer or more meat special fertilizer, avoid excessive fertilization caused leaves, soft, influence plant form,


2. ~ 3 years drive a basin, in spring.The potted soil is mixed with fertile gardens and coarse sand, add a small amount of bone powder.

Reproductive way

Mingyue reproduction can use leaf plug, and can be plugged, and the survival rate is very high.


Common pests

Mingyue common disease: anthracnose; Mingyue common pest: 蚧 shell.

Summer sleeping period maintenance

In summer, the Mingyue is in a short sleep, to reduce watering, maintain a good ventilation, prevent diseases from breeding.

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